Westone is quarry owner of slate, we process own quarry and invest fund in partner's quarries of slate material what I regular request, it cause we have rich material for supplying no matter material is short. Our old clients could feel our quality and service are constant in long standing business.

Factories and Collection Beachheads

Westone founded many factories and collection beachheads in rich resource area of Chinese slate for regular request, almost every variety of slate can be produced and supplied, all request of slates orders will be complied by our ability of great output ourselves and collection from other factories.


Factory supplier directly bring reasonable prices with best quality. Westone have never wanted to win the competition with low prices and bad quality, Reasonable prices could ensure quality products and good service, constant supply of quality products will bring long standing benefit.


Our elder generation worked in slate quarry before 1980; Westone's administrators have rich experience for roofing slate, flooring slate and billiard slate. Roofing slate is most professional variety of slate industry, as a supplier, after happened to a lot of problems, such as fading, bend, weather, rust flow, be able to completely know the characteristics of slate, so we only supply appropriate variety to clients but not fake products. It is reason why Westone's roofing slate have been developed more strong. For flooring and wall cladding slate, our experts can give appropriate suggestion according to client' intention. For billiard slate, Westone is earliest supplier to lead Chinese billiard slate to the world.

Management Team

All employees have the relevant expertise with years of experience in slate industry, family running business ensure our quality and supplies are very stable.

Inspection tandard

Westone headquarters send many inspection teams to quarries, factories and collect beachhead for quality control, inspecting and packing are last step of quality control, headquarters' inspectors are only responsible for head office, do not take into account the cost of subsidiary organizations. These quality systems ensure high efficiency of quality control. In the fact, Westone's quality standard is stringent on in China.


Westone usually stock more material for future possible orders due to large scale clients request for many years, and also collect from partner nearby us, so our delivery leading time is fast. Westone usually consign famous shipping companies to ship containers, we have good relationship with some container lines, such as MAERSK, P O NEDLLOYD, EVERGREEN, CMA-CGM, OOCL, COSCO, NYK Line. Westone have never asked marine agent to issue ANTI-DATED Bill of Lading.


Westone have good finance for a long time although we also invest fund in quarries and factories, our cash flow is controlled well by our professional accountant department, it powerfully protect security of client's deposit, the right amount of our inventory, timely delivery, and quality standards.

Network Distribution

Westone have wide and open network of distribution in Europe and North America, this way can ensure timely delivery, and support our customers stable supply with long term profit.

Westone continue to recruit distributors what we have not in some areas. Please send email


Westone is family running company with more than 20 years, most directors work at Westone many years with relevant professional acknowledge.