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WESTONE is main manufacturer of billiard slate, our billiard slate is diamond honed, precision machined and leveled to within 0.1-0.2mm for flat. Because we purpose only supplying top quality billiard slate, every piece of slate delivered by us will be exactly tested. Our production has more and more increased. Hence, we are in a position to supply 10x20' containers each month regularly.

Slate is a fine-grained, hard rock made up of clay, mica, quartz and other minerals. Because it is durable stone with a low moisture-absorption rate and a stable surface, slate is extremely well suited for use in billiards. Slate is located some countries such as Wales, Spain, Brazil, Italy, and China. Depending upon the mineral content in any specific area, slate can be found in many colors. Most billiard slate is gray or black; this color certainly is popular for billiard slate.

It is important of billiard slate quality is measured by flat surface, the Hard Flat Facts about Italian, Brazilian, and WESTONE Slate is, Italian slate is taken from underground, and is relatively soft. It is not almost suited for outdoor use but is fine for billiard tables. Because it is soft, Italian slate is more flexible. Italy has historically been the billiard industry's prime source for slate all over the world.

Mined from open pits, most Brazilian, our WESTONE slate are harder than Italian, and WESTONE slate is a little bit soft than Brazilian slate. The machining process is more difficult but WESTONE slate is not nearly as sensitive to abuse. Both of WESTONE and Brazilian slate does not bend easily, they are also more difficult to break.

WESTONE billiard slate have a great storage, it is intervenient of its hardness, our billiard slate is subject to complex gauging and surfacing operations, which in turn produces a very flat surface. It is very important that the essential element in slate quality is flatness. Properly processed, all of Brazilian, Italian and WESTONE billiard slate are well suited for use in billiards.

There is no better playing surface for a pool table than slate, WESTONE only supply the top quality billiard slate, more and more manufacturers of billiard, snooker, and pool table are choosing WESTONE billiard slate use in base bed of table in Europe and North America.

Flatness, the essential element in slate quality, is achieved through a precise art of machining, a process stringently monitored by WESTONE professionals, this exacting craft of machining and curing produces premium quality, flat, exact holed, and pockets cutted(quality), more patterns, lead time, manful compensation if break through long distance transportation(service), you are guaranteed by WESTONE. In fact, WESTONE slate is 100% tested for flatness, measurement before incasement. Despite natural differences (such as hardness, color variations) occurring between Italian, Brazilian, and WESTONE billiard slate, the playability and lifetime them are identical.

FINISHED PRODUCT: WESTONE's billiard table slate have many patterns. We can custom produce all paterns of billiard, pool table and snooker slate according to customer's exact drawing, size variety from 6' to 12'.

PIECES: billiard table slate has three types, one piece in one set, three pieces in one set, or five pieces in one set.

PATTERNS: We can custom produce any patterns of billiard slate according to request, any thickness available. (for 6', 7', 8', 9', 10' pool table, for 8', 9', 10', 11', 12' 'snooker table), If you are interested in our billiard slate, please you contact us to inquiry patterns.