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Westone looks forward prosperous slate business 2012. - Update on Jan 20, 2012

The Chinese New Year of 2012 is coming now, although the situation of world economy is unpredictable. For now, Westone Slate keeps stepping forward with confidence as usual. We believe the slate industry changes in everyday, we faced to strong competition in past year, and we also have picked up opportunities in past years of economic crises. We achieved more clients of slate business. We will be the trust and support with our numerous clients and distributors, and we will be the good cooperation with some lucky new clients who choose Westone as business partner of roofing slate and flooring slate, as well as wall stone veneer.

It will be a brilliant year of our Westone Slate. The Chinese Spring Festival is coming now, we bless a safe, luck and rich year for all of our friends and clients.

Westone exports amount in 2011 - Update on Dec 02, 2011

Westone usually ship slate of orders in 30 days, so our accountant department predict 2011’s business final amount according to orders what we have received still now.

As of end of 2011, Westone's roofing slate exports increased by 12.5% than 2010, WEI-408A charcoal grey roofing slate exports increased 25%, WEI-806 dark grey roofing slate exports reduced 20%, WEI-807 grey roofing slate decreased 3%, WEI-408B Westone black roofing slate increased 30%, WEI-808 eco green roofing slate, WEI-090 Beijing green roofing slate almost as same as last years. WEI-408D riven black roofing slate exports compared with 2009 and 2010 showed a large decline, almost the whole riven black slate in quarry area tends to pause, which is the sense of a decline in the quality of mine.

Westone flooring and paving slate exports rose 15%, ledgestone exports rose 30%, it is reason which Westone has a lot of promotion.

The Chinese small and medium-sized stone enterprise financing difficulties, RMB exchange rate appreciation, rising prices of raw materials, labor costs raised, the domestic market default payment - Update on Nov 07, 2011

All above factors are damaging profit of Chinese slate industry, many stone factories's capital chain have been ruptured, some enterpraise owner have to close the factories and offices.

The situation of roofing slate industry always is ups and downs in past months, the small and irregular requirement incur ineffective production arrangement of quarries, the capital chain rupture of rubble real estate will spread to stone industry due to the uncertain domestic requirement.

Estimates of the normal supply of roofing slate will be until the summer of 2012.

Chinese inflation doesn't shown slowing indication still now, stone industry have much difficult - Update on May 07, 2011

Chinese inflation doesn't shown any slowing indication still now although Chinese government adopted measured monetary (deflationary monetary and fiscal) policies.

The rising prices of international notable primary commodity gradually conduct to commodity prices in China, this factor increased wage costs and material cost of manufacturers.

Last month, the prices of petrol and diesel was raised, it incur the cost rising of the manufacturers ulteriorly , and it also adds to the market expectation of prices rising. The over effects of price raised of major international commodities since 2010, it still effect current economy so on.

Above all sorts of factors have been resonance, it causing the CPI increased about 5% continuing rising.

The cost of slate material and wages have been raising step by step, many suppliers have been forced to raise prices of slates products.

In the fact, the speed of domestic market prices rising has exceeded the one of export goods prices rising.

Appearing larger range labor shortage exceed 2010 after Chinese Spring Festival - Update on Mar 08, 2011

Many Chinese factories are forced to delay production after Chinese New Year because short labour.

The wages of slate workers have been raised about 20-30% after Chinese Spring Festival. Many small factories stop opening of production to wait for finding appropriate workers.

Westone also delyed delivery of many orders what accepted before Chinese New Year.

Westone still keep the leader position in slate industry of Shaanix province in past 2010 - Update on Jan 25, 2011

In past 2010, Westone output quantity have been increased about 7% than 2010, still be first position in Shaanxi. Chinese deep color roofing slate mainly come from Shaanxi province, Westone outputed 406 containers of deep color roofing slates in 2010. But Westone flooring slate, wall slate also have not been increased in past time, billiard slate is not our main business in 2010.

Westone give up debt collection from Dr. Chandra Durve, the boss of Camborne Slate Ltd - Update on Jan 10, 2011

Since October of 2001, Westone and Camborne Slate Ltd have good cooperation for 7 years, Camborne Slate Ltd owed much money from Westone about one year in 2007, in August 2008, Westone received Liquidation letter advice, we found Camborne Slate Ltd owed great huge debt from slate industry all over the world, which including Westone(GBP34,536.96) and one Hebei slate company(GBP46,000) in China, as well as exceed twenty odd companies of Brazilian and UK (more than GBP1,000,000), almost every slate importers of UK.

Westone sent claim of debt to liquidation account firms on time via Westone's other client of UK, but Westone couldn't got any compensation finally, Camborne Slate Ltd filed for bankruptcy and Dr. Chandra Durve acquitted of a debt.

In the end of 2010, Westone sent greeting card of Merry Christmas to Dr. Chandra Durve, the boss of Camborne Slate Ltd, this Indian English gentleman also sent greeting card to Westone, expressed his desire that he hope to renew slate business with Westone using his new company, so Westone gave up debt collection from Camborne Slate Ltd now.

Purportedly, he found a new company "Natural Slate Supply Ltd" for roofing slate business to import slate from China, Spain and Brazil since one year ago. Westone be convinced of his trouble in slate business with Chinese supplier, so we give up debt collection. We hope he could find a good supplier.

There were much waterflood in China in the past July - Update on Aug 6, 2010

There were much waterflood in China in the past July. Some people die in the flooding of rivers and house were destroyed, roads were damaged by mud-rock flow in these disaster; some county and villages lost communication for contacting with outside. The government put into many goods and materials and army to rescue victims, the solders carries food and medicine sent to disaster area on foot, and rush to repair roads quickly. Many people in China also rescued victims of a natural calamity, they contribute money, food and goods to disaster area, some postulants carried food to disaster area on foot. WESTONE also offered food about RMB5000 to victims of the natural calamity.

The heavy rainfall incur our mining losses, many orders have been postponed.

China President Hu Jintao call on to improve wages of bottom labourer - Update on Apr 30, 2010

China President Hu Jintao's speech on April 27 before May day, the employer and the company should improve wages for labourers in the bottom, and also let people decently work, develop the balance of different social strata. This is an important message might mean China will further increase wages of workers in the bottom.

The increased cost of labor and the RMB exchange rate foreseeable changes will challenge stone export industry in the new future months.

Earthquake of Yushu, Tibet on Apr 14, 2010, Westone contribute charity money RMB3000 - Update on Apr 22, 2010

Westone contribute charity money RMB3000 to The Red Cross of Xian Branch

The boss of Westone, Mr. Wang Cheng and his wife traveled Tibet in 2007, they also contributed some money to poor Tibetan through Living Buddha of Lama.

Westone also contributed charity money RMB10,000 to The Red Cross of China Headquarters for Earthquake of Wenchuan Sichuan on May 2008.

After Chinese Spring Festival, appear larger range labor shortage - Update on Mar 10, 2010

Chinese economics have not been damaged in past two years of economic crises, domestic demand offset the export reduced.

The contradiction of workers low wages have been outbroken after Spring Festival. Developed regions is outstanding, so almost all factories increase wages to get more workers, it cause workers mobility. We predicate this phenomenon is weakened after May.

Chinese stone slate industry also have this problem, so our production is slow than normal.

Westone still keep the leader position in slate industry of Shaanix province in past 2009 - Update on Jan 10, 2010

Westone output quantity have been first position in Shaanxi since 2003. Chinese deep color roofing slate mainly come from Shaanxi province, Westone outputed 382 containers of deep color roofing slates in 2009. Meanwhile, Westone flooring slate, wall slate also have been increased, but billiard slate output have been reduced in past year.

In 2009, the events of delay payment was increased - Update on Dec 30, 2009

In past 2009, some foreign buyers always delay payment, the reason is that the buyer's financial condition worsen, and Chinese suppliers intensifying competition in the period of crises, so the contracts of credit payment be increased

Some dishonest buyers using this time to get illegal profits. The national government administration sound a warning to pay more attention for some dishonest buyers.