WEI-408A Charcoal grey slate, premier slate

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To view Roofing slate or Flooring slate

  • Variety: Slate
  • Color No.: WEI-408A
  • Color: Charcoal grey or premier black
  • Hardness: Hard
  • Main Market: UK hot selling
  • Output: 30 containers each month
  • Use for roofing: Available
  • Use for flooring: Available
  • Available shapes: Roofing slate in square, rectangle, random, and Germany pattern; flooring slate in square, rectangle.
  • Description: Roofing slates is more cheaper than reclaimed in UK, and very hot selling UK market. It comply with BS EN
  • 12326, A1, T1, S3. Max 600x450x5-7(6-8) for roofing. We can deliver this slate 30 x 20' containers each month regularly.
  • Provide Guarantee Letter. It is our main products, we process about half output of this slate in China;
  • Flooring slate have very beautiful texture, it is exact thickness without calibrated because excellent texture, popular in
  • North Europe, such as Norway, Danmark, Sweden, classical Scandinavia style.

Roofing slate pictures

charcoal grey roofing slate
Charcoal grey roofing slate

roofing slate
Charcoal grey slate color

black slate

roofing slate warehouse
Charcoal grey roofing slate crates

slate shade
Charcoal grey roofing slate shade

loading slate
Professional loading

slate factroy
Premier slate material

slate industry
Charcoal grey roofing slates before cutting edge

Aerial shots roofing slates project in South Africa
Charcoal grey slate project in South Africa

slate roof
Charcoal grey slate roof in UK

slate roofing
Cahrcoal grey slate roof

Premier slate texture

roofing slate
Slate roof raining

Slate table mat and printing

slate table mats slate print

Flooring slate pictures

stock in warehouse slate shade