WEI-408c California gold slate, honey tan slate

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To view Roofing slate or Flooring slate

  • Variety: Slate
  • Color No.: WEI-408c
  • Color: California gold, or honey tan
  • Hardness: Middle
  • Main Market: Roof, floor, walling, ledgestone
  • Output: 5 containers each month
  • Use for roofing: Available
  • Use for flooring: Available
  • Use for random: N/A
  • Use for ledgestone (cultural stone): Available
  • Available shapes: Roofing slate in square, rectangle, random; Flooring slate tiles in square, rectangle.
  • Description: Roofing slate is popular in West Coast, USA, common dimension are 500x250, 400x250, 305x305x5-8mm.
  • Flooring slate typical of dimension are 300x300x10-12, 400x400x10-12, 600x300x12-15, 600x400x12-15mm with
  • calibrated, hot selling in the world; Max size is 600X600x20mm slab.

Roofing slate pictures

California gold slate California gold slate quarry California gold slate roof honey tan slate honey tan slate roof tiles California gold roofing slate thickness

Flooring slate pictures

California gold slate color honey tan slate flooring tiles honey tan flooring slate tile

Ledgestone, steenskin pictures

California gold slate ledge stone California gold slate culture stone honey tan slate ledgestone