WEI-408d Riven black roofing slate

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To view Roofing slate or Flooring slate

  • Variety: Slate
  • Color No.: WEI-408d
  • Color: Riven black roofing slate
  • Hardness: Very hard
  • Main Market: Roofing slate for UK, America
  • Output: 8 containers each month
  • Use for roofing: Available
  • Use for flooring: N/A
  • Use for random: N/A
  • Use for ledgestone (cultural stone): N/A
  • Available shapes: Roofing slate in square, rectangle
  • Description: Roofing slate is very popular in UK and American, common dimension are 500x250, 600x300, 400x250,
  • 305x305x7-9mm. Max size is 600X450x6-8mm, hot selling in UK and America and worldwide, it is our major roofing slate.
  • BS EN12326 2004, A1, T1, S1 standard; ASTM Grade S1.

Roofing slate pictures

408d black rough slate black rough slate roof black slate roof black slate stow black rough slate stow black rough slate black rough slate for Norway handmade roofing slate black rough slate stocked roofing slate ridge roofing slate ridge strength