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Westone is leading supplier of Chinese roofing slate, we have wholly-owned quarries and factories of charcoal grey slate. Actually charcoal grey slate roof tile is best material of slate placemats, slate coasters, slate dining, slateware, slate tableware. Based on this advantage, we are very efficient on production of slate placemats, slate coasters, slateware anyting with strong quality control and fast delivery. In past years, Westone only supplied slate material to artware factories who purchase our natural slate and reprocessing to slate placemats, slate coasters, slateware. Finally, we directly produce slatewares such as slate placemates, slate coasters, slate dining and anything of slate ware by ourselves. We can produce and supply any size and shape by your design with

Absolute Competitive Prices Of Slate Placemats, Coasters, Slateware Produced in Quarry.

The regular size is: Rectangle shape: 220x110mm, 290x110mm, 250x200mm, 300x220mm, 350x250mm,400x250mm Square shape: 110x110mm, 200x200mm, 250x250mm, 300x300mm Round shape: 80x80mm, 110x110mm, 200x200mm, 250x250mm, 300x300mm Please contact miscellaneous products directore, Mr. Fan Peng: