Sandstone Paving Resource from India

Sandstone Paving Resource from India - Paving Slabs UK
Sandstone Paving Slabs

Sandstone Paving Resource from India

There are two kinds of sandstone block in India.

Sedimentary sandstone which has natural cleft in the block. The clefts are opened manually using chisel and hammer, the finished is riven face. The blocks are first made into slabs of 25-40mm, and then these slabs of stone are cut into size by hand made. The entire process is manual, and no machines are involved. A recent development in this category of stone has been to calibrate the stone to 22mm, some people like to tumble it. The quarry area for sedimentary sandstone is in the region of Kota, Rajasthan.

Solid blocks of sandstone which have to be cut on gangsaw or circular saws similar to marble or marble processing. The example for this type of sandstone is Rainbow and Teakwood. This is found in the Khatu, Rajasthan. 

Cut into sizes of sandstone paving

As mentioned earlier, for the solid block sandstone like Rainbow and Teakwood, it is possible to produce slabs in sizes of 2000 x 1000 mm; For the flag sandstone, the paving slabs only have a maximum size of 900 x 600 mm.

High quality of Indian sandstone paving

Stone Paving Direct Ltd only imported Indian sandstone paving slabs calibrated 22mm from partner quarry in India. Based on our history of China granite quarry and factory operation, our seasoned globe supply chain supports us to cooperate directly with the one of best quarries and factories in India. Our UK customers will buy these premium quality slabs in affordable prices.

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