VAT Inclusive on Our Online Store

All prices displayed on our website already include a 20% VAT and Free Delivery* to most UK postcode areas.

Unlike some of our competitors, we firmly oppose the practice of concealing VAT and delivery charges until the checkout process. Instead, we believe in providing transparent information right from the start, enabling you to have a clear understanding of all costs involved and make an informed decision.

We are aware that certain websites may present VAT and delivery charges separately, creating an illusion of lower product prices. However, we value honesty and integrity in our approach.

We have received feedback from customers who have been surprised by the addition of VAT and delivery charges during the checkout process after entering their address. We believe this creates an unsatisfactory customer experience.

To ensure an efficient supply chain and offer our customers a wide range of paving stones and porcelain products that not only enhance their spaces but also provide cost savings, we heavily invest in our products, quarries, factories, and both our UK and overseas teams.

Our ultimate goal is for customers to make well-informed choices without any misleading pricing tactics. We continuously assess our systems and operations, and we appreciate any feedback you may have for improvement. Please feel free to email us at, as we value your input in our ongoing efforts to deliver the best service and experience to all our customers.

including Vat and Free Delivery