Price Match Policy

We pride ourselves on offering the best products at the best prices what we can. If you're looking for even lower prices from reputable online retailers, we're here to help. Just email us at with a link to the cheaper product.

Make sure it meets the following requirements:

  • Must to be same product
  • Must to be same year
  • Must to be same surface
  • Must to be same size
  • Must to be same thickness
  • Must to be same bottom treatment
  • Must to be same color
  • Must to be currently available on the competing retailer's website

When submitting a price match claim, please ensure that the competitor retailer is a reputable online merchant, similar to Paving Slabs UK (Westone). Kindly note that we reserve the right to evaluate and potentially reject any price match requests. We genuinely value your loyalty as a customer and are dedicated to offering timely assistance to the best of our capabilities.

Price Declaration of Paving Slabs UK

At Paving Slabs UK, we believe that value should not depend on discounts or exclusive membership codes. If a product needs a discount to seem reasonably priced, then its regular price is clearly not worth it. If only membership codes offer discounts, then the interests of regular consumers are being overlooked.

We might be the only e-commerce platform that neither hosts major sales events nor participates in others' promotions. At Paving Slabs UK, you don't need to wait for seasonal sales or Black Friday to get a fair price. You won't regret missing out on today's deals or feel anxious waiting for next year's discounts. Here, you can always shop with confidence, knowing that our prices are consistently fair, transparent, and kept low, as we also act as a wholesaler.