Standard Delivery by Tail Lift

Paving Slabs UK Standard Delivery by Tail Lift Transport Services is a standard method in the transportation of stone pallets, especially for one-way transport of stone pallets. Using a tail lift, the driver can easily lower the pallet and then use a manual forklift to drag the pallets to the kerbsides. This method is convenient and cost-effective, requiring only one driver to operate.

However, there are some limitations to tail lift transport services when it comes to returning pallets, especially when dealing with goods weighing up to 900kgs. This is because the tail lift cannot lift goods of such much weight. In such cases of returning, customers must consider other transport options, such as using trucks equipped with lifting equipment or negotiating with the transport company to provide more suitable equipment. This may include vehicles with a more powerful tail lift capacity or other specialized unloading equipment to ensure effective handling of pallets at all stages of transportation.

When choosing transport services for return, detailed communication and negotiation with the transport company are crucial to ensure they can provide services suitable for returning pallets.